Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • I’m stuck in a dead-end job just making ends meet.… I really want a career I love and am passionate about.
  • I’m alone again! My relationships don’t last long and when I do meet someone it is the same person in different skin…. I ache for a loving connection with my ideal mate.
  • My body aches and I have no energy. I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired!…. I just want to have energy and be healthy.
  • No matter how hard I work, it just never seems to be enough. I’m tired of struggling and trying to make ends meet…. I want money to enjoy financial freedom and security.
  • I feel like life is happening to me and I have no say. Nothing seems to work for me. I feel powerless!…. I want to feel good about my life, like I am in control and making things happen.

I feel your pain and frustration!

I’m sure you have tried to make positive changes (you are here reading this right now, seeking yet, more answers and the magical formula); you’ve set resolutions and made goals, taken all the classes, bought all the programs, read all the books, asked friends for advice….Some of it worked for a short time then your life went back to what it was before.

Sooo frustrating…..

Let’s take a moment to clear your head of the frustration and hopelessness….

take a deep breath, and let it all go…

Now use your imagination to

pretend you are waking up in the morning feeling inspired,

because you….

  • Can’t wait to get out of bed, excited to be working in a career you love!
  • Feel fulfilled and loved, in a committed relationship with the mate of your dreams.
  • Have optimal health and well-being; your body is strong; you are full of energy and stamina. You are enjoying life to the fullest.
  • Feel secure and prosperous for having created a sound financial foundation.
  • Feel free of all worries and fears, no matter what is going on in your life
  • Can now say, “I AM happening to life” – “I know where I am going. I feel powerful and I have direction. I feel in control, because I know exactly what I want and how to create it, in all areas of my life.”

Are you thinking, “That is inspiring and I would love to experience my dreams BUT I have already made a huge effort and it hasn’t worked.  How is what you have to offer any different from what I have already tried?

First of all, I have used my techniques and taken my life from just surviving to thriving. I have overcome what I “thought” I never could…I went from a stay at home mom with no income of my own to a career I love. I moved forward from unsatisfying relationships, to creating strong, fulfilling connections. I overcame 2 chronic illnesses, which the doctors said I needed to learn to live with. I went from, practically, homeless to buying a house – against all odds. I learned how truly powerful I am, through learning how to create what I want and essentially, making my life happen. I have used, and still use, the tools I am offering to you.

While I was setting resolutions and making goals, taking all the classes and buying all the programs, reading all the books and asking friends for advice, learning by trial and error….I had unknowingly come across, and created, my own formula for success and personal power. I realized it was working for me!

I was curious to see if it would work the same with others. I began helping, and teaching, my friends, then my clients. They were having similar results! Within a few short weeks, the  “You aren’t going to believe what happened!” began.

(For proof and inspiration, read my client praises)

Through the Creating an Intentional Life program(s), you will have:

  • A clear vision of exactly what you want, so you can keep it in focus at all times.
  • An Astrological Consultation which is your personal treasure map, revealing powerful secrets about yourself. This will help you understand what your hidden talents and gifts may be, and ultimately helping you realize how truly amazing you are. This will also be your personal guide for taking action at specific times for optimal results.
  • Trust in your inner guidance system helping you to discover when to take inspired action.
  • The ability to remove your obstacles by clearing your fears, limiting, and negative, beliefs and emotions, so you can get out of your own way (This is critical, by the way!)
  • Someone who believes in you, nurtures you and your dreams with unconditional love and non-judgmental support, all the while cheering you on and helping you create MIRACLES in a short period of time.

AND, Yes, I said Miracles, those things we “think” are impossible, become possible! And those possibilities can be yours!