Who is Jillian M. Kerry?

Jillian M. Kerry is a Transformational Coach, Professional Astrologer, author, speaker, radio show host and EFT and belief/emotional release practitioner.

Jillian began her journey, years ago, as a chronically ill, stay at home mom of 3 daughters, with a hidden purpose. Her inner guidance system urged her to take the steps necessary to create the life she desired. Her journey led her to reveal the secrets of success, the laws of the Universe, and spirituality, as well as, powerful tools and techniques. The tools and techniques she discovered were used, and applied, directly to her life.

Jillian has recovered from the diagnosed chronic illnesses and is now enjoying optimal physical health. She has designed, and created, a career she is passionate about while helping others. And, against all odds, bought her own home. All the while, and most importantly, committed to raising three beautiful daughters by teaching them how to be true to themselves through living authentic, and happy, lives.

From the experiences on her journey from hopelessness to success, she created powerful and life changing coaching programs based on the tools and techniques she discovered, used and applied along the way. She realized if she could create a happy and abundant life, from chronic pain and nothing of her own, so could others!

Even though Jillian is mostly self-taught, along with the support of wonderful mentors and teachers, in the areas of spirituality, success, Quantum physics, Laws of the Universe, manifestation, abundance, relationships, health, and parenting, she also has many degrees/certifications.

Jillian’s degrees, certifications, and credentials:

Student of astrology since 1985
Graduated – Liberal Arts Associates degree – 1994
Professionally Practicing Astrologer – 2000
Graduated and certified -Coach Training Alliance – 2002
Graduated & certified – Parent as Coach Academy – 2003
Certified – Professional Astrologer Level 1 – National Council for Geocosmic Research – 2005
1 year of Joe Vitale’s Miracles Coaching program – 2007
Certified – Consulting Skills – International Society of Astrological Research – 2009
Certified – Ethics Training Course – International Society of Astrological Research – 2010
Emotional Freedom Technique Level 1 – Awakening Institute – 2013