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Emotional Freedom Technique is an essential part of my work with clients. It is an easy and simple process to clear limiting beliefs, negative emotions, unhealthy habits and blocks from the brain and energy system. When you release and clear on the inside, your outer reality changes for the better. This manual is a basic “how – to” for getting you going on your path of freedom.  Click the image to take you to the EFT free manual website to download.

Magic of believing

Phyllis Diller claimed, Claude Bristol’s “The Magic of Believing” was the reason she was so successful. She began her career way into her 40’s, after her children were grown. Phyllis was successful in show biz for over 45 years! It is about thinking your way to success, changing the mind, focusing on  desires and of course, believing it is already yours. Law of Attraction and brain science combined! Quick & easy to read and implement the practices.