Navigating through the fog with faith or confusion


Navigating through the fog with faith or confusion?


The Sun travels into Pisces on February 19th at 12:34 am ET. The sun is shining its light through the lens of watery Pisces highlighting the area of our lives, and natal charts, asking us to have faith and trust in our higher selves and to listen to our intuition. The 12th sign of the zodiac is the ruler of things that are hidden, the unconscious, subconscious, higher consciousness, spirituality, imagination and intuition. It is also the sign of self-undoing, deception, illusion, self-sabotage, confusion, delusion and getting lost in chaos. It is the area of life where we have the opportunity to awaken and become one with the Universe through greater love and compassion. It is asking us to have blind faith and realize we are always provided for, if we allow ourselves to let go of confusion and the idea that we are separate from the whole.


Sabian Symbol for 0° Pisces ~ “A public market”

We begin the new month with the Sun in a Grand Trine (by sign not aspect), Conjunction Neptune in Pisces, to the Moon in Cancer and Mars in Scorpio. This is some major water! We are truly navigating this month through our feelings, intuition and emotions. At the highest level our journey is about putting aside logic and relying on our faith. If we listen closely to our feelings and intuition they will guide us down the right path. At the lowest level the journey will be filled with confusion and overwhelm us, if we allow ourselves to be overly sensitive, by getting our feelings hurt and taking things personally.

Major aspects of the Sun in Pisces: 

Conjunction to Pisces 9°, Feb. 26-29th: A few days of hypersensitive energy! This is an excellent time to tap into your imagination and visualize your dreams and desires as if they are real and already happening! And at the same time, the Moon is in Scorpio allowing us to get clear on exactly what we want. Use this time to make sure what you want is positive and fulfilling, not something you desire based on a fear of lack or poverty.

March 4th to 7th, a Square to Saturn 16° Sagittarius:  Many people fear Saturn because of its restrictive nature, but it is actually quite beneficial if we use it to take responsibility for our lives.  It gives us discipline, focus and structure. I look at it as if it is a loving parent rearing its child to make sure he/she does not only survive, but thrive in the world. With the expansive energy of Sagittarius, in a challenging aspect to the Sun in Pisces (the sign of faith and/or confusion), it is allowing us to focus our creative energies to make our dreams concrete. As long as those dreams support who we truly are and the path we have chosen, we should see some positive results. If not, it can be a frustrating time, feeling blocked at every step. If you feel the latter, step back and evaluate what you are creating. Is it for your highest good? Or is it something which you just “think” is best.

March 7th to 9th, an Opposition to Jupiter 18° Virgo: If you used the past few days of Sun Square Saturn in a positive way, you should see some rewards from your hard work, focus and discipline!  This aspect occurs during the Solar Eclipse on March 8th (See below for more details) which is a huge benefit to have during the time the Sun’s energy is wiped clean for us to begin anew.

March 10th to 12th, Conjunction to the South Node 21° Pisces: This may be a time of seeing the realities we have created including the types of relationships we have allowed in our lives. Ask yourself, has this situation or person served my highest good? If yes, continue.  If not, let go with love, compassion and gratitude, no matter what the circumstances were. We cannot move forward on our journey if we are anchored in the past.

Other planetary aspects worth mentioning:

The last of the Square dance between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn, March 6th to 14th (Yay!): It has been a long 6 years of upheaval, transformation and rebuilding! It was necessary, but not easy. Have you used this energy to let go of the old and create from inspiration or have you been fighting the changes and holding on to the familiar?  You still have some time to empower yourself. Use this energy to get inspired and make necessary and positive changes. Don’t hold on to what used to be.  Just let it go and create brand new.

March 10th to 24th, Jupiter 17°Virgo Trine Pluto 17° Capricorn: What a lovely aspect we have here. Jupiter, the planet of expansion and reward, connects nicely with the planet of transformation in the sign of business, structure and foundation. Any work you do toward breaking down your old structures should be rewarded during this time, either monetarily or through higher awareness or both! It is definitely worth all the work you’ve done earlier this month!

March 16th to April 1st, the first of a Square between Jupiter 16° Virgo to Saturn 16° Sagittarius:  This is an interesting combination, as the expansive nature of Jupiter in the sign of details and routines, challenges the restrictive energy of Saturn in the sign ruled by Jupiter – Sagittarius! Yet, it can be the reverse as well, as Jupiter loosens up the energy of Saturn for us to let go of structure, especially in regards to beliefs, religion and spirituality. It could be a time of testing out new religious and spiritual routines, evaluating our old beliefs and trying on new ones. An excellent book to honor and use these energies to the fullest is “The Four Agreements” by don Miguel Ruiz.

Notable events: Mars is in Scorpio, heading for 8° Sagittarius, where it will begin its journey Retrograde on April 17th.  It will then be heading backward into Scorpio until August 12th. This is a big deal, since Mars is in its own home sign making it a very powerful placement.  It’s as if we need one last long opportunity to go back into the murky waters of Scorpio, digging deep into the truth of who we are, personally and globally. It is time to truly let go of anything not serving our higher selves before allowing us to move full speed again into the Sagittarius energy of expansion and awareness.  Are you ready to let go so you can take off?

We begin the month with many planets in water signs, triggering emotions, feelings and intuition. We are given the opportunity to navigate this foggy journey by tapping into our inner guidance system, and listening to what our higher self truly wants for us, at this time. We end the month, if we choose to use the energies consciously, with the rewards from expansive earthy Jupiter in Virgo, allowing us to test new beliefs, routines, religion and spirituality, as we build new structures with Saturn. An interesting month for sure!


In the context of using this energy to consciously create your life, ask yourself the following questions: 

When I think about my life and the future do I have trust and faith in myself to make my dreams happen? Or am I filled with anxiety and fear of the unknown?

Do I trust my intuition to guide me along the way?

Am I overwhelmed and confused but am willing to seek support to get back on track?

Do I believe my dreams can become reality or do I believe they are just fun to think about?

What can I do to keep myself on track and focused upon making my dreams come true?

Does my journey need to be reevaluated because it is frustrating and I feel blocked at every step?

What opportunities are available to me right now to expand my life positively?

What new beliefs, routines and practices can I begin to help me build new supportive foundations for my highest good?

Now take inspired action based on your answers to create your life how you want it to be!

Other astrological events of the month (click on links for details):

Feb. 22nd

Full Moon 3° Virgo

March 5rd

Mars 0° Sagittarius  ~ first pass

March. 8th

 Solar Eclipse – New Moon – 18° Pisces

March 20th

Spring Equinox ~ Sun 0° Aries

March 23rd

Jupiter 16° Virgo R Squares Saturn 16° Sagittarius

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 3° Aries

March 25th

Saturn Retrogrades 16° Sagittarius

The following signs most affected by this 0° of Pisces Sun month: are 0° to 29° Pisces, Virgo, Gemini and Sagittarius.  If you have any planets, or points, in these signs and degrees, you will experience the energies personally. How the energies manifest for you will be created from your perceptions, beliefs, attitudes, habits and choices. During this time, implement the highest forms of the energy to positively and consciously create your life!

***The transiting planets affect all of us on a global level, either directly or indirectly.  However, in order for you to be affected personally, you must have the transiting planets making aspect, or connection, to your natal, and/or other, chart planets.  An Astrological Consultation will provide insight if you are being affected by the transits, and how you can use them to create your life intentionally.