Knowledge is the first step in making change!

Suggested books to support you on your journey for self awareness and transformation to success!

Manifesting Process

attractor factor law of attraction

The Attractor Factor,  Joe Vitale ~ One of the first modern books that opened me up to manifestation and my text book when I went through Joe Vitale’s Miracle Coaching Program. Good for a simple step by step process to manifesting and attracting the life you desire.

think and grow rich mindfulness success.

Think and Grow Rich,  Napoleon Hill ~ This is a classic! Napoleon Hill was hired by steel magnate Andrew Carnegie to do research on the practices of successful men. His research found common practices which all had to do with the mind and beliefs. It’s still popular today!


conscious language communication

Conscious Language – The Logos of Now, Robert Tennyson Stevens ~ Our words have more power than we think. What we say is a reflection of our beliefs. This book is an essential guide to mastering our life and mind thorugh conscious communication.

conscious language communication mindfulness

A Complaint Free World, Will Bowen ~ If you really want to challenge yourself this is the perfect opportunity! It takes at least 21 days to change a habit and replace it with something new. What would your life be like with positive communication?

Clearing and Healing Methods

clearing brain mind mindful toltec

Banish Mind Spam!, Sheri Rosenthal ~ Who is in control,  you or your mind? Clear and control the mind, create your life intentionally.

emotions feelings affirmations clearing

Feeling buried alive never die never die…, by Karol K. Truman ~  Feelings buried alive is a well written book on how  buried emotions manifest in our bodies, the specific emotions connected to body parts and affirmations to heal them. Similar to, and a bit more elaborate than, Louise Hay’s book, “Heal your Body”.

affirmations clearing healing

Heal your body, Louise L. Hay ~ The original book connecting the state of our emotions and beliefs to our physical symptoms. Positive affirmations for each body part. This is an excellent companion to use with Emotional Freedom Technique for amazing results!

the sedona method emotions healing clearing

The Sedona Method, Hale Dwoskin ~ An extremely simple, and highly effective, clearing/releasing method with immediate results!

emotional freedom technique healing clearing

The Tapping Solution, Nic Ortner ~ Emotional Freedom Technique is spreading across the world as a fast and effective clearing method. It’s easy to learn and can be put into practice immediately. This is one of my favorite clearing methods I use for myself and teach my clients.

tapping weight loss healing emotional freedom technique

The Tapping Solution for weight loss and body confidence, Jessica Ortner ~ From the same family of The Tapping Solution with Nic Ortner, his sister address’s an issue she has been dealing with for years. Her book and protocol using Emotional Freedom Technique has been amazing for her and many others.

emotional freedom technique pain relief healing clearing

The Tapping Solution for pain relief, Nic Ortner ~ Chronic pain and illness are epidemics with very little relief. Nic Ortner takes Emotional Freedom Technique and focuses it on regaining optimal health and well being. This is not a replacement for medical care, just a beneficial technique for relief.

forgiveness healing forgive letting go

With Forgiveness, Sheri Rosenthal and Susyn Reeve ~ Forgiveness is a misunderstood concept that if we forgive we letter others off the hook. Not true! It is about letting go so we can open our energy and heart to live life freely.

healing letting go affirmations

You can heal your life, Louise L. Hay ~ One of the first books I read on my journey for personal growth. Full of simple exercises for self discovery and healing.

Mind/Brain/Energy Science

The Biology of Belief, Bruce H. Lipton PhD ~ Dr. Lipton shares his discovery through science and how our DNA is affected by our beliefs.

Thresholds of the Mind, Bill Harris ~ creator of Holosync meditation technology, does a fantastic job to explain the brain and how we can use it to our advantage. It is scientific and a bit dry at some points but if you are a one to seek answers on how things work this is an excellent book!

Power vs. Force, David R. Hawkins, MD, PhD ~ Everything is energy and has a vibration! Learn how to raise your energetic vibration to uplift your life to joy, harmony and abundance.


Illusions by Richard Bach ~ One of my favorite books! All of us are continually learning and growing….even the Messiah’s of the world. Many important lessons and food for thought.

The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge,  Carlos Castaneda ~ The first of a series of 12. Look past the metaphors and practice the knowledge, you will tap into your true power and authentic self.

The Four Agreements, don Miguel Luis ~ This is the condensed version of the Carlos Castaneda series.  If you can master the Four Agreements you will view, and live life, quite differently! Simple rules, not always so easy to practice but well worth the mastering!

The Fifth Agreement, don Miguel Luis ~ Another simple and life changing rule to master. It takes much personal power and awareness  but we all have the potential to do so!

Inspiring Personal Journeys

The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho ~ Sometimes the destination is on the  journey. The rewards are the valuable lessons we learn.

How Mom Got a Life!, Sheelagh Mawe  ~ A friend gave me this book when I was facing divorce after being a stay at home mom for years.  It helped me “change” my mind from fear to inspiration. Sheelagh was my inspiration to manifest a house!

The Miracle Man, Morris E. Goodman ~ This is a must read for anyone who is sick or gravely injured or if you need some inspiration. Our minds can heal, create, manifest and attract, if we focus our beliefs long enough. Both Morris and his wife overcame devastating prognosis. This is a truly amazing story!

Man’s Search for Meaning, Victor E. Frankl ~ Why is it many people can go through the same experience and some survive and others die? Dr. Frankl realized the secret as he lived in a concentration camp.

My Stroke of Insight, Jill Taylor Bolte ~ This is a true story of a Neuro-scientist and her experience of having, and recovery from a stroke. As it was happening she had insight to how we are linked to our spiritual self through the brain – a question science has not been able to answer until now!

Conscious Parenting

Parenting, Parent, Coach, Coaching Teenagers

Parent as Coach Approach, Diana Sterling ~ The PaCA philosophy is based on the belief that we first need to understand what human beings are in order to teach and coach them. This includes often misunderstood teens! From this place of understanding, we learn to offer support, ideas, new perspectives, plans for moving forward, and a host of tools and formats to help people create fulfilling and meaningful lives. Above all, we offer love and compassion to all we serve and come in contact with. Our approach is a proven and practical model for improving and transforming the relationship we as adults have with the teens in our lives. It is based on the roots and synthesis of life coaching, adult learning theories, positive psychology, adolescent development, education and mentoring.